Flow Training course 31st January 2018 Babraham Institute, Cambridge
Flow Training course 21st February 2018 Babraham Institute, Cambridge
Flow Training course 28th Feb-1st March 2018 Babraham Institute, Cambridge
London Cytometry Club 1st March 2018 Institute of Cancer Research, London
Flow Training course 18th-19th April 2018 Babraham Institute, Cambridge
CYTO 2018 28th April-2nd May 2018 Prague, Czech Republic
EMBL Flow Cytometry course 4th-8th June 2018 EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
Flow Cytometry course 19th-22nd June 2018 Technology Facility, University of York
CTLS 2018 1st-4th July 2018 Ghent, Belgium
flowcytometryUK 2018 18th-20th July 2018 Edinburgh, Scotland
RMS Flow Cytometry Course 10th-14th September 2018 York, UK
Pharmaceutical Flow Cytometry & Imaging 2018 14th-15th November 2018 GSK, Stevenage
CYTO 2019 22nd-26th June 2019 Vancouver, Canada


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